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Friending someone is not complex enough…for you and I to collaborate and do the hard work of government
Beth Simone Noveck, former Deputy CTO of the White House and New York Law School Professor in her TED talk
Analysis of Federal Executive .Govs based of Office of Management and Budget list of Federal Executive Domains. Information gathered using Site Inspector; curated using Domain Inventory; and displayed using Count Shortcode, Faceted Search Widget, and Display Custom Fields. All our open source — please feel free to fork and contribute.

Description of the .Gov Browser

by  Benjamin J. Balter


Participants in the Hack Day in San Diego discuss ways to use data to help people find useful and interesting government information

Participants working at the Hack Day in San Diego.

A week ago, we held the first Hack Day, a nationwide event organized to encourage people to explore the data created by our URL shortening service

Hack day events took place in Washington, D.C., New York…