1. codeforamerica:

    “Should I Go to a @CodeforAmerica hackathon” by Emily Wright Moore


  2. citycamp:

    Early on in the CityCamp movement there was a fair amount of confusion about which “camps” to join and who should be partners. Some local organizers were frustrated by the number of groups forming in their area. They were experiencing a kind of social network fatigue. Others complained that…


  3. Comparing City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plans with Wordles


    Wordle: City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan Technical Report 2009

    (click for larger view)


    Wordle: City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan 2003

    (click for larger view)

    See also these word trees on ManyEyes

    http://www-958.ibm.com/v/119620 (2009)

     http://www-958.ibm.com/v/119621 (2003)


  4. CityCamp World Map

    View CityCamp in a larger map


  5. @antwatkins on Gov as Platform

    Last night at the first meeting for @CityCampHRVA, @antwatkins used the analogy of the public library to describe Gov as a platform (paraphrasing):

    It’s like a public library. We need the resource of the library. We don’t want librarians to choose our books or read them to us.

    (Did I get that right, Anthony?)

  6. The Venue