1. This is why

    When one of your white friends baits the question, “why is it always about race?” Send them the google image search link for “lynching”


    Note the smiles on some of those white faces.

    Remind your white friend that racism was law of the land (USA) less than 50 years ago and didn’t go down without a fierce fight. If your friend is about 40 years old then their own living (probably) parents were teenagers at the time.

    If your friend still doesn’t get it then don’t be friends anymore.

  2. The art of hunting.

  3. at The Greenbrier

  4. Keep off

  5. You’ll shoot your eye out!

  7. "Beyoncé wears designs by Virginia Beach native"

  8. This person is awesome

  9. This guy (at Peabody’s Nightclub)

  10. libraryofva:

    Recent Acquisition - Ephemera Collection

    Victorian trade card.
    A slow coach.  Card was in a scrapbook.  Great image, but unable to read the advertising on the back.