1. fred-wilson:

    reblog of the week goes to david


    Rival Consoles | Helios

    So good.


  2. at Mount Trashmore Park


  3. Anyone in VB/NFK/HRVA submitting to Knight Libraries challenge?

    I’d love to see some submissions from here at home!


  4. 94 HD cameras used to capture likeness for 3D model. Marshmellow Laser Feast via WIRED

  6. briannashari:

    I just realized that 2 of the trending blogs are of people who have lived in Virginia Beach at some point in their lives.

    Wait a minute, I lived in Virginia Beach at some point in my life. Why am I not famous?! Why’s my blog not trending?! 😭

  7. dvdp:


  8. 3scape-me:

    "Sphinx" means "Father of Dread" and other slides from the Ancient Egypt presentation. Try it out now. Go to http://3Scape.me and click on “Ancient Egypt” from the drop-down menu

    Go 3Scape some stuff. Here’s how.

  9. at Mount Trashmore Park

  10. vishweshramesh:

    They apparently hire a separate engineer just to make the car sound horny…